This is a photograph of me by margaret atwood

This Is a Photograph of Me by Margaret Atwood

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In any case the juxtaposition of the three couplets gives each one of them special emphasis in a poem that lacks any other couplets altogether. So faith is a force for good particularly when people are feeling beleaguered and in need of hope.

Note that as the poetess starts talking about herself she encloses those lines within parentheses. The fact that she claims that it is her in the photograph, verges on the fact that she looks very different in reality.

Photograph stands for her history which is not clear; light stands for the creativity of the woman. Striped clothing is for all other women called "Econowives" who essentially do everything in the domestic sphere.

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This Is A Photograph Of Me - Poem by Margaret Atwood

So it is not a question of religion making people behave badly. She breaks protocol by telling her what happened to the first Ofglen. If she were unable to bear the Commander a child, she would be declared sterile and shipped to the ecological wastelands of the Colonies.

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Sex and occupation[ edit ] The sexes are strictly divided. People bought 58 copies of my new poetry book, Late in the Day! It appears to be smeared out of deconstruction.

They have a duty to procreate, but many may be infertile, as a possible result of exposure to a biological agent in pre-Gilead times. But no doubt the editor was, commercially speaking, altogether right.The book I picked up was The Circle Game by Margaret Atwood; the poem I’m thinking of, “This Is a Photograph of Me,” was the first in the collection.

It gave me major goosebumps then, and it. (c) Penguin Books. The Man with the Golden Gun was one of the first of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels that I read. It almost put me off reading any more of them.

Ten rules for writing fiction

It was definitely not what I’d expected. There were two reasons why the book bewildered me. Picture of Death In the poem "This Is a Photograph of Me", Margaret Atwood attempts to depict the parallels between a picture slowly developing and the narrators realization of her death. “This Is a Photograph of Me,” by the Canadian writer Margaret Atwood, presents a speaker who begins by promising to show us a photograph of, however, we learn that the speaker.

Picture of Death. In the poem "This Is a Photograph of Me", Margaret Atwood attempts to depict the parallels between a picture slowly developing and the narrators realization of her death/5(9).

The poem, This Is a Photograph of Me belongs to Atwood’s second collection of poems, The Circle poem starts innocently with the pronoun “It” and the reader searches for the subject in the first few lines of conscious description.

This is a photograph of me by margaret atwood
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