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While liberal in his views on questions of race, Young did not share Rose's passion for all things British and the paper used its influence to try to bring about greater unity between English- and Afrikaans-speakers, characterised by support for a new national flag and a much more accepting attitude towards Hertzog and Afrikaner aspirations.

Ideal for Eskom, Transnet or municipality jobs. Buchanan fell on hard times during the extremely depressed years of the late s. Hanging in there, —61[ edit ] Although Craib's careful management had rescued The Natal Witness from closure, the period under discussion was marked by a need for great financial prudence and the paper in particular remained in the doldrums.

Parsons, who served on the board of directors for nearly Pietermaritzburg newspaper classifieds years, had been given extraordinary powers by Sir Charles Crewe on what should be printed in the Daily Dispatch, but as the years wore on he became inflexible and resistant to change.

He was a member of the Beach Hotel Company, and had property in the city, and in the Cape and Transvaal. Williams says he believes he had the presence of mind to say: We hope this year is better on the home front, but have some hopeful prospects cropping up, with a Rhodesian Forces Day coming up and some links we have heard about concerning new members.

He sold it in He had gained an MA at Glasgow University with honours in the classics and English literature, could read and write Greek, was fluent in Latin, and was a store-house of knowledge, which he would reveal grudgingly. For more info, please whatsapp or sms - no emails please.

Overshadowing the changes taking place in the management of the Witness were the events leading up to the Second World War —45as well as the sturm und drang of the war itself. Besides the above accommodation units, the complex also has many covered carports, storage rooms and a workshop.

For many years, one of the original buildings on the property was used by the Moths of Legogotu as their Shellhole. Few families were not directly affected by the world conflict, including that of James Craib, whose sons, Desmond and Alistair, were both combatants.

In Januaryhe disembarked with his family from the Julia in Durban and from there proceeded inland to Pietermaritzburg, which had only three years previously been the capital of a Boer republic.

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The trust holdings were bought by the directors, who also secured the minority shares. He joined the Daily Dispatch on January 2when he left college. I have been ably assisted by Mark Taunton who has not only become my right hand man, but also a loyal and trusted friend.

But Demaprint was not the only problem that would face the Dispatch after it had registered an excellent after-tax profit of R, in the financial year — Haddad, who also became a director on the board of Times Media Eastern Cape, the Port Elizabeth-based subsidiary of TML, announced another new direction in company policy when he said the Dispatch would employ a human resources manager to improve relations with staff and to allow management to concentrate on producing a better product.

Earlier this week, an affidavit was sent to the Sunday Tribune on behalf of Elutil where he claimed Dayanand was well aware of him being unregistered when he employed him.

This talented Xhosa-speaking Transkeian, whose brother, Basil, captained a Springbok rugby team, decided to retire as a magistrate and to give full rein to his artistic talents. There were new military leaders in Transkei and Ciskei, who had taken power away from the Matanzimas and Lennox Sebe.

Alan thanked the other committee members for their support and their commitment to the Association. The flat offers 2 bedrooms both with BICbathroom and open plan lounge and kitchen.

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Smith's successor was Francis Reginald Stathamwho had been specially recruited inby Peter Davis from England. The Rose years, —25[ edit ] Horace Rose was to leave an indelible mark on the paper during his long editorship. On September 10the Daily Dispatch sported a new-look masthead in lower case.

He was with the cipher section throughout the Abyssinian campaign, and later in Madagascar. HO Parsons, a master craftsman and autocrat HO Parsons, the composing room foreman who was both master craftsman and autocrat, was to become a bulwark of the Daily Dispatch for 44 years.

He also became a director of the company, serving until his death in As in previous AGM reports I have intentionally kept it short and to the point so that the Gauteng and Cape guys can waffle on aimlessly taking up valuable drinking time!!! He advocated electric lighting for East London inbut he did not get his way until when he convinced the council to borrow what was then the considerable sum of 75, pounds to get moving on much-needed modernisation.Newspaper punished for tough stance against corruption - July 25, View all.

The Legal Guide to Pietermaritzburg. The Mall @ Scottsville.

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Camps Drift. Education feature. Community galleries. News galleries. Schools galleries. Classifieds. Welcome to our classified section. Despite only three functional state crematorium facilities operating in Durban, government blocks private sector. 19h ago | Sunday Tribune.

Find municipality jobs in KwaZulu-Natal! View Gumtree Free Online Classified Ads for municipality jobs in KwaZulu-Natal and more. About Witness Weekend, Classifieds newspaper.

The Witness Weekend (previously The Natal Witness) is published in Pietermaritzburg. It mainly serves readers in Pietermaritzburg and the inland areas of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa/5(59).

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Pietermaritzburg newspaper classifieds
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