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The essays are at once repetitive and crucially under-inclusive; the arrangement is haphazard; and the number of essays that Danto, famous for his generosity, found impenetrable or just wrong is alarmingly high.

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Danto believed that when "philosophers get it right," philosophy reaches its end -- unlike the end of art, which happens when art turns over to philosophy, in proper form, the question of its nature.

His attempt to formulate one led to The Transfiguration of the CommonplaceDanto's greatest book. I began to feel that way about the figure. And determining whether such an intention was realized by Malevich -- or has been by any other artist -- can only be done through the interpretation of individual works.

In a way, I feel like an old master.

Arthur Danto

It cannot be what we actually see that constitutes an artwork, he wrote in his famous article The Artworldany more than it is what we see which shows us that the man in front of us is not just a material body but a person.

Danto responds, confoundingly, that he was interested in "works of art indiscernible from, but not identical with, the commercial container, which ruled out thinking of them as readymades" So when, years later, Randy Auxier, the editor of The Library of Living Philosophers, proposed that the projected volume on my work might contain an essay on art as I had practiced it, I said No: Danto has written on this subject in several of his recent works and a detailed treatment is to be found in Transfiguration of the Commonplace.

It has had considerable influence on aesthetic philosophy and, according to professor of philosophy Stephen David Ross"especially upon George Dickie's institutional theory of art.

Dickie puts Danto's intentionalism to different use: Clear as he often was, Danto seldom let narrow exactitude mar a good line. My somewhat unrelenting negativity here calls to mind what, to me, was the most interesting discussion in the first two sections: What is the difference between an arm rising and my raising it, between what merely happens and what I do?

In truth, I write philosophy in the same way, scribbling until something emerges, and then seeing where I can go. Danto took up Hegel's declaration of "the end of art".

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Like many analytical philosophers, I felt that doing aesthetics, as that was officially pursued, was, well, not really doing philosophy.

Although premature inthis pronouncement has become true, said Danto, due to pop art in the s. In those days there was a program in philosophy called Phenomenalism. The result is a basic and very reductive interpretation of art history. The essay's author, Ewa Bogusz-Boltuc, claims that to understand Danto's notion "of a work of art as a partly conceptual thing.The End of Art: A Philosophical Defense Arthur C.

Danto History and Theory, Vol. 37, No. 4, Theme Issue Danto and His Critics: Art History, Historiography and After the End of. THE END OF ART: A PHILOSOPHICAL DEFENSE.

Arthur Danto, “The Artworld”, ABQ Chapter 3, pp. 33-44

ARTHUR C. DANTO' ABSTRACT This essay constructs philosophical defenses against criticisms of my theory of the end of Arthur C. Danto, "The Art World," Journal of Philosophy 61 (), 5. This refers to certain works of Carl Andre. 6. The work referred to is Adrian Piper's video, Funk Lessons. Arthur Danto's claim that the "end of art" has arrived was really an attempt to explain how art history came to an reading Danto's essay, my initial response I perceived was that Danto was claiming art is I thought, why are there still so many art makers or art majors here at Marywood if art were truly over?After further examining the essay and from class lectures, it was.

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Arthur Danto

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THE END OF ART: A PHILOSOPHICAL DEFENSE. ARTHUR C. DANTO' ABSTRACT This essay constructs philosophical defenses against criticisms of my theory of the end of.

Arthur danto end art essay
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